Tuesday, December 27, 2011


[原]雷锋网2011年度10佳iOS应用(海外版)这是年度最佳应用的最后一篇了,所谓的好戏在后头,这其实不应该叫做年度10佳,而应该叫做年度最具诱惑力的应用。很多人成为果粉,甚至不是因为苹果的产品,而是因为乔帮主,他影响了一群人,这群人中有一部分叫做应用开发者,他们在苹果的 ...[原]雷锋网2011年度10佳iOS应用(海外版)


消費税「13年10月8%」、株式相場への影響は消費税「13年10月8%」、株式相場への影響は民主党税制調査会が28日午前、消費税率を現在の5%から2013年10月に8%、15年4月に10%に引き上げる案を提示した。反対派との調整は予断を許さず消費増税を巡る議論 ...消費税「13年10月8%」、株式相場への影響は

Readathon Update

Readathon UpdateFinished books: In the Arms of the Immortals In the Arms of Immortals: A Novel of Darkness and Light (Chronicles Of The Trickster's Choice Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, #1) Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters Confessions of the ...Readathon Update

Ask Nick: Can Red Sox deal for Matt Garza?

Ask Nick: Can Red Sox deal for Matt Garza?Ask Nick: Can Red Sox deal for Matt Garza?By Nick Cafardo, Globe Staff Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Sorry for the long gap between mailbags, but I'll start cranking them out regularly ...Ask Nick: Can Red Sox deal for Matt Garza?

Snowflakes of Gratitude

Snowflakes of GratitudeThere are two colleagues at work whom I wish to thank for their kindnesses when I return back to work. And, I couldn't find any nicer way to do that than with handmade cards made from Bo Bunny's gorgeous Snowfall collection. Carolyn was ...Snowflakes of Gratitude

hidup dlm dunia sendiri

hidup dlm dunia sendirikita yg manage idup for dos yg mulut mcm puake tuh. beringat-ingat lah yer..idup ni ta selaluya INDAH blake.. haaa aiyokk cik eyra da marah haha. -. -. org kata ANTI-SOSIAL?? yeke.....? ta kot sbb ak neh so....sial juga somtimes lol. ...hidup dlm dunia sendiri

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